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Jar House Procedures

  • The seller will be closing via Mail Away and will not be in attendance. We do request that all closings be conducted prior to noon and please inform your Closing Coordinator of the confirmed closing time.
  • All utilities are stated to be on and working. Please alert your Closing Coordinator as soon as possible if a utility is non-functioning. Buyers, Agents, Appraisers and Inspectors have permission to turn on water at the meter- we can provide a Hold Harmless letter if preferred.
  • We do NOT order repairs, clearance letters or install appliances until the Appraisal has been received and returned to the buyer. Please remember to let your Closing Coordinator know once it is returned.
  • All requests for repairs must be produced in writing on a standard GAR or RE form. The seller will only review requests in this format.
  • If an appraisal is required, the seller does not permit giving out lockbox codes to appraisers under any circumstances. Our field representative must meet with the appraiser at the property. Please have the appraiser contact him to schedule an appointment. Please find his contact information below:

Kevin Eggers- kevin(at)jarhouse(dotted)com 678-508-6360

  • The seller adheres and makes decisions based on the Contractual Agreement between the buyer and seller (i.e. contingency dates and specific language).
  • Our goal as the seller is to close on or before the closing date. If an extension(s) is required, the seller may charge a per diem, require additional earnest money or simply not extend the contract.
  • The seller has never been to or lived in the property, therefore a Seller’s Property Disclosure is not provided. If the contract requests one, this serves as 1) notice that it will not be provided and 2) also as a request for an amendment to remove this stipulation from the contract.
  • Lock Boxes, signs and keys are left at the property and can be disposed of after closing by the buyer.
  • Our company attends Super Tuesday Real Estate Auction out in the field on the 1st Tuesday of every month and will not be available on those days.


Closing Attorney:

  • If utility statements are needed, please be sure to order early enough so that the seller does not have any unnecessary delays. Let us know of any title issues as soon as they are identified so that we can work with you to resolve them quickly.
  • When wiring funds, please reach out to the Closing Coordinator via phone for wiring instructions and to confirm the name of the selling entity.
  • Seller will be closing via Mail Away.



  • Please stay in close contact with the Closing Coordinator throughout the entire process. If there are any delays please let us know as soon as possible.