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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do our listings state “As Is”?

  • Our listings state “As Is” because they have never been lived in by the seller or a representative – this means that we have very limited or no prior knowledge regarding the history of the house. This does not indicate whether or not the property was renovated by the seller.

Is this property bank owned?

  • All of our properties are corporate owned.

Am I required to use your preferred mortgage lender?

  • No, you are not required to use our lender, although there are many benefits to using our lender (see preferred lender page for more info). The seller looks at offers more favorably if they either have a pre-approval through our preferred lender or if buyer has agreed to use the preferred lender.

Why should I use your lender?

  • We are highly confident that buyers and agents will have a very positive experience with our preferred lender. All parties involved strive for a fast closing without any headaches. We have closed with dozens of different lenders and have chosen David Hayward at Southeast Mortgage based on his unmatched effectiveness and reliability. Please note that as the seller, we receive no monetary benefit (such as kickback) from the lender.

Why should I get an inspection done in 5 days?

  • Inspectors are readily available and often complete inspections within a five-day turnaround period. The quicker you can get your inspection done, and the shorter your due diligence period, the more attractive your offer will appear to the seller. Sellers generally prefer offers with short due diligence periods because every day that the property is not closed incurs holding costs for the seller.

Will there be appliances installed in the home?

  • On renovated homes appliances are negotiable (typically dishwasher and stove) but this must be referenced in contract.

Why are we required to sign the Seller Addendum?

  • Since the property is “As Is” and we have limited background information on the property we must limit our liability. This is just a common practice in the industry. Banks and other entities who have limited knowledge of a property require far more stringent addenda to be signed.

Why would I use one of Jar House’s preferred closing attorneys?

  • Each one of our closing attorneys is hand picked after experience closing with the vast majority of attorneys in the area. We have found them to be extremely knowledgeable about real estate law and have found them to best position all parties for a smooth closing process.

Why does Jar House prefer to hold earnest money funds?

  • We have experienced many unpleasant situations where the buyer’s broker was to hold earnest money yet failed to collect it and did not notify Jar House.

How much EM is recommended to purchase a home?

  • Typically at least 1% of the purchase price or a minimum of $1,000.