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Real estate Clayton County GA

Perhaps the best introduction anyone can get to Clayton County is that it is home to Tara, the mythical plantation featured in Margaret Mitchell’s epic novel-turned-Hollywood-movie-classic, “Gone with the Wind.” Tara was inspired by the Fitzgerald Plantation, which the author’s grandfather owned and where she spent summers as a child listening to stories about the Civil War.

Clayton County played an important role in Georgia’s history, harking back to the Civil War. Attractions and landmarks serve as reminders of this area’s rich past.

The third smallest county in Georgia, Clayton County incorporates six cities, plus part of College Park, and is included in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. It makes an ideal bedroom community for Atlanta, offering easy access to the state capital through the I-75 and I-675.

Living in Clayton County

Clayton County still feels like a small town, with its many fascinating historical features. It’s also culturally rich, with an array of dance, musical, and drama performances lined up regularly in top-notch venues.

There are around 32 parks and plenty of recreational facilities around the county, including the International Park, home to a lakeside beach that’s open to the public from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Clayton County also boasts all the urban amenities its residents need, including dining and shopping options, excellent healthcare facilities, first-rate schools, 25 industrial parks, a Foreign Trade Zone, and a transportation system that’s considered one of the best in the region. The world’s busiest airport, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, is also found nearby.

Homes for Sale in Clayton County GA

The housing stock in Clayton County comes in a wide range of sizes and prices. While several condos and townhomes are found in the area, most of the homes here are single-families built from the 1970s onwards. There are numerous new constructions and renovated homes within various cities.

Clayton County has some of the most affordable homes in the entire state of Georgia, offering generous living and outdoor spaces, family-friendly features, and charming architecture. If you’re looking for a starter home within an ideal Georgia community, Clayton County offers fantastic opportunities. Explore your options at Jonesboro, Riversdale and other cities here.

Homes for Sale in Jonesboro GA

This historically significant city offers a slew of attractions, amenities and entertainment options, including several historic homes and landmarks. The Road to Tara Museum is found here, featuring relics, memorabilia, and exhibits that showcase Atlanta’s Civil War history, as well as “Gone with the Wind” exhibits.

Jonesboro’s historic Main Street is home to charmingly quaint shops and restaurants and is the site of many of the city’s community events. The sprawling Lee Street Park, the city’s main hub, boasts amenities that include an amphitheater, a walking track, a market area, and a playground. It’s where the highly anticipated Summer Concert Series happens, featuring top local and national acts.

The housing stock in Jonesboro is made up almost entirely of single-family homes, most of which were built around the 1960s. They come at various sizes and prices and are among the most affordable homes in the state of the Georgia.

Homes for Sale in Riverdale GA

With its origins as a railroad stop in the early 1900s, Riverdale is the 2nd most populated city in Clayton County today. It is a youthful city with a median age of about 33, offering a variety of recreational opportunities, great schools, excellent access to Atlanta, and incredible housing options.

Riverdale is a close-knit community, with everyone looking forward to fun events such as the free Summer Concert Series, a Seafood and BBQ Street Festival, holiday celebrations, and more. The nationally recognized Riverdale Town Centre is the community hub featuring game and entertainment rooms, an art studio, a dance studio, an amphitheater, and more. It’s the venue of many of the city’s fun events.

Real estate in Riverdale is made up mostly of single-family homes, but there are also a number of townhomes. Offering plenty of living and outdoor space and coming at highly affordable prices, Riverdale real estate makes great options for singles and young families who are looking to own their very first home.

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