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Complete the form below and we’ll send you a listing price range for your house within 24-48 hours. We will then schedule a time to see the property so that we can factor in the unique characteristics of your home and submit our recommended list price to you. We list properties in both Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS) and First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS).

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Why should I list with you? There are thousands of options out there!

  1. We are sellers too: Buying and selling 135 properties each month for ourselves with our own money puts is in a unique position where we have great insight into everything that happens from listing through closing. We understand all of the the challenges that a seller faces and how to protect the interests of a seller throughout the transaction.
  2. We maximize the chance of closing and closing as quickly as possible. We have a professional team of pre-closers that constantly coordinate with all other parties in the transaction with the goal of closing as quickly as possible. They diagnose any obstacles that come and always look for an optimal solution so that you don’t waste valuable time while your house is off the market.
  3. We are valuation experts. It is not possible to have bought and sold over 2,000 properties without being an utmost expert in valuing properties. We will List your property for the highest price possible and not leave any money on the table.